Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fun with Leo and Julie!

A few weeks after I arrived in Chapel Hill, Lance's parents came to visit us. Thanks to them we got to see a lot of North Carolina! They always come see us, no matter if it's Rexburg, Minneapolis, or Chapel Hill. We love them!

We started our adventures at Wrightsville Beach. Our hotel was RIGHT on the ocean!

It was a little rainy and windy at times, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the beach.

 We did a little shopping...

 ...and eating. Although, this wasn't what we had in mind. I don't recommend soft shell crab.

 When we got back to Chapel Hill, we headed over to Durham to enjoy the Duke Gardens.

 If you can't tell, it was a HOT day! But well worth it!

When it would rain again, we would take shelter at Mama Dips.

We enjoyed some 4th of July festivities in Mount Airy.

Mount Airy was the hometown of Andy Griffith and was designed to look like Mayberry. 

Here we are with Andy and Opie Taylor.

 Deputy Barney Fife nabbed us for Jaywalking.

Silly Lance.

 Lance got some action from Thelma Lou.

We had a blast!

 On our way back we stopped by Mount Pilot.

 Absolutely beautiful!

That evening we went to UNC's football stadium to watch the fireworks.


Thanks again Leo and Julie! We always have a blast hanging out with you two. We are looking forward to our next adventure together!