Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Time with family

Happy New Year! We hope that all of our friends and family had as great a Christmas as we had! Lance, Quinn, and I left for Pullman for an entire month! This is the last Christmas break we will get since Lance's time in school is coming to an end so we took full advantage of his time off. Quinn was great during all 4 flights to and from Washington. I remember being so stressed about flying with a baby because of germs, blowouts, feedings, and sleep deprivation. Thankfully, it all worked out fine!

We started off our vacation with Lance's side of the family. It was a great reunion. Both sets of grandparents, both siblings, all four nieces and nephews, and his dad's sister and her husband came for the holidays! We went to cougar basketball games, went to see the Christmas light display in Lewiston, played with kids, and blessed baby Quinn. My childhood friend, Anna, my brother-in-law, Jake, and my parents came for Quinn's blessing. It was so special to have all of our family there. Unfortunately my sisters, Casey and Maja, were out of the country at the time, but they were there in spirit!

After New Years my other childhood friend, Christine and her sister, Julianne, flew to Pullman to meet Quinn, also very special! We had a great time with them. We had a bonfire up at the barn and played games and watched movies. It is so cozy and fun up at the barn! I would live there in a heartbeat!

We had a lot of fun with my family as well. My mom and dad found it difficult to stay on task and get some work done with Quinn around. She sucks you in with her big eyes and smile! Juno, my parents' lab, also found it difficult to resist Quinn's charm. She wanted to give her kisses any chance she got. We would let her kiss her feet only! Once Maja returned from her mission trip she was able to spend some quality time with her niece. It was so sweet when she first saw Quinn. It became more real to her that she was an aunt. I'm looking forward to when Casey gets to meet Quinn!

We had a great time with family. It always goes by so quickly. We made a lot of memories, had some awesome food, put on a few pounds, or in Lance's case, one pound, and even had time for a date! Thankfully it won't be too long before we see our loved ones again!

Here are a bunch of pictures taken while we were home.

 Shopping in Spokane with my Mom & Lance
 Can you tell Maja is happy to be an aunt?
 Juno was kind enough to share her chair with Quinn
 Happy to be at Church for her blessing!
 My dad is smitten!
 Happy to be hanging out with us while we shopped!
 Fun at the office!
 Best Friends for life! Love you Anna!
 The boys
 Grandma and Quinn
 Quinn loves playing with Grandma in the morning!
 Quinn's baby blessing
 Beautiful sunset at the barn
 Smiles for uncle Brett!
My adorable nieces, McCall and Addy
 Just spending some quality time with Aunt LeAnn
 We had a lovely lunch at Banyans, where we had our wedding reception. It was a beautiful day!
 Land, my Dad, and my brother-in-law, Jake, at the Seahawks game! Superbowl bound!
 Julianne Hay enjoying cuddles with Quinn
 Best Friends for ever! Love you Christine!
 Quinn loved to cuddle with Great Grandma and Grandpa Larsen.

 I love taking naps with this little girl!
 Three generations!
 I'm not happy to be home at all...
 Cuddles with Uncle Jake
 Quinn even got to enjoy the bonfire for a little bit!
Merry Christmas Quinn!