Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lance's Adventure

I thought since the last two posts have been all about me, I should make one all about Lance and his adventures as a bachelor! Oh the things you see when driving to North Carolina!

 A giant moose!

 A giant Bambi!

 A giant mouse! I guess there is no shaving when your wife's away!

 An upside down building!

 A Trojan horse!


 UNC Hospital. It's big!

 A cool sundial!

 A game of tennis.

 Lance celebrated Joe's birthday playing golf! Joe is also an MHA student at UMN. Him and his family are in North Carolina for his residency as well. We are lucky to have them here!

 Carrot Cake! With a lovely golf theme!

 Lance Udy reporting for duty!

 Playing Frisbee golf! 

Lance wants YOU to have a good day!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trip to Washington DC

While I was with my family we took a trip to Washington DC before reuniting with Lance in North Carolina. I had never been to DC. I had the chance in 8th grade but didn't end up going. I'm glad I waited because I think I appreciated it more as an adult. I highly recommend taking a trip to DC if you haven't already. It is totally worth it! We started in DC and then moved on to Mount Vernon, and our last stop before Chapel Hill was Colonial Williamsburg, SO FUN!

 We spent our first day in Arlington National Cemetery. That's the Arlington house.

 The Eternal Flame.

 We watched the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. It was amazing how reverent and respectful the soldiers on guard were.

 Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.

 "...join with us in paying homage to all the heroes known but to God- Those heroes whose eyes were not to see and enjoy the peace for which they fought and died". 

 Women in Military Service Memorial. There was even a memorial for the women soldiers who have given their lives in the War on Terror.

 We are so proud of our Casey who is a Captain in the Army National Guard. We love her!

 Mom and I on top of the Women's Memorial.

 My sister, Casey, and I at the Marine Corps War Memorial.

 Look how big it is! From left to right: Casey, Me, Mom, and Dad.

 The Jefferson Memorial, I couldn't resist.

 The whole crew, minus my Dad. Left to right: Me, Casey, Mom, Jake, Grandma Rosie, and Grandpa John

 Poopa (a very special name I call my Dad) and I at the Lincoln Memorial.

 WWII Memorial. Absolutely stunning!

 Amazing art!

 Grandma Rosie and Grandpa John at the White House. You can't get very close anymore. What a cute couple!! I could just kiss them!

 Casey and her husband, Jake, in Colonial Williamsburg.

After 3 long weeks of being apart we were finally back together! :-)

I had such an amazing and memorable time with my family! I didn't get pictures at Mount Vernon or very many in Colonial Williamsburg. I was too hot to remember!

Monday, July 29, 2013

There's No Place Like Home!

On May 8th I flew home with Poody since our lease ended at our pet friendly apartment. Lance stayed in Minnesota for one more week to finish his first year of school. I ended up staying home for 4 whole weeks! I loved it. I wish Lance could have been there the entire time but he had to get to North Carolina to start his residency with UNC Health. Here are some pictures of my time in the sweet Palouse!

Off to get pedicures with my little sister! I love her!

Reunited at last! My dad loves Poody about as much as I do.

Movie night with my best friends, I mean parents! :-)

I love labs! Juno is tired from a day at the barn!

We took my nephews to the barn to play. Cade didn't care for the smell of the barn, haha!

McCall had a blast riding Bailey! 

LeAnn and Addy riding Toby! Maja joined us too!

Cowboy Kent!

Farmer Kent! He told me he planned to plant corn in all the holes and that it would be ready to harvest the next day!

Who wouldn't want to live here? There's no place like home!

I love how the sun hits the hills in the evening. 

Palouse sunsets are beautiful!

We celebrated Kent's birthday while he was visiting. LeAnn bought mustaches so they could match Grandpa! Pretty silly!

Feeding the ducks at Sunnyside Park. McCall gave generous portions to the ducks!

 Cade feeding the ducks!

 Christine came to visit for my baby shower! We went up to the barn of course!

 Lisa, Christine's mom, came too!

Best Friends!

Thanks for a great visit Mom and Dad! Love you!